We have a solid track record in providing the highest level of service to communities across the Costa del Sol.

Our key services are as follows

Internal governance

We ensure that communities are governed adequately by assisting Presidents and owners with all management matters in respect of annual general meetings (AGMs) and extraordinary general meetings (EGMs). Our affiliation with BF Solicitors allows us to ensure legal compliance with the Horizontal Property Law, as well as to undertake any desired changes to your community┬┤s bylaws and regulations. We are able to provide a distinct service by managing meetings (and recording minutes) in Spanish and English, acting as proxies for any owners who cannot personally attend before the general assembly (voting strictly in accordance with their specific instructions). Most of all, we put systems in place to ensure that resolutions of the general assembly of owners are implemented promptly and efficiently.

Contractors & employees

We negotiate on behalf of communities with insurers, service providers and all types of contractors employed in the provision of community services, such as gardeners, repairmen, painters, constructors, electricians, security companies, utility companies. We also monitor that all contracted services are provided accordingly and in the best interests of the community. In the event that a community has employees, we can ensure that all payroll, labour and employment requirements are met.

Accounting & financials

We provide a broad accounting and financial service to ensure that the accounts of your community are in excellent order. We can collect community fees (service charges) from owners, as well as prepare the annual budget, quarterly statements and yearly reports, as well as monitor expenses and payments in general to ensure that your community is not short-changed at the end of the financial year.

Record keeping

We keep records and custody of all community documents, such as internal records, contracts with third parties and any other documents required by law. In addition, we can ensure compliance with all safekeeping requirements pursuant to the Condominium Act and the Horizontal Property Law.


Our affiliation with BF Solicitors allows our communities to benefit from standard legal compliance services at no additional costs (subject to the terms of our service contract) in respect of our professional fees. In addition BF Solicitors have considerable experience on resolving any additional matter that may arise from time to time, such as recovering debts, acting for a community before the courts or any municipal bodies (such as issuing claims against contractors or securing any licences) and advising in respect of contracts and undertaking amendments to communities bylaws.

Special projects

In addition to providing standard community administration services, we have considerable experience in managing special projects, such as the contracting and installation of new communal facilities and ensuring that major improvement works are carried out.